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Halloween Art Project and Writing Piece

I saw this fabulous art project in my friend's classroom the other day. She had taken this idea from our other friend's classroom! Nothing like grabbing ideas (especially great ones) from other teachers! So, I grabbed it too and completed the project with my fifth graders. It was SO much fun! 

You'll need the following supplies:
11x11 white construction paper 
12x18 black construction paper
10x4 white construction paper (for the writing)
Blue, purple, turquoise Tempera paint 
Paint brushes 
Either black markers or black pastels 
Haunted house outline on yellow construction paper

First, start with white paint and paint a circle. 

Use another color (blue, purple, or turquoise) to continue painting. 
Mix it with white to keep it light. 

The circles will get darker and darker as you go out to the edge of the paper.

You'll have to copy a black haunted house outline onto yellow construction paper. This will give light to your house's windows!


Cut out your haunted house outline. Glue it onto your painting.

Use the black marker or black pastel to draw birds flying over the house. Also draw a tree and a tombstone.

Now for the writing part!
Brainstorm a list of ideas with your students about what you might find, see, hear, smell in a haunted house. Tell your students it's their job to make these descriptions into something positive. They'll have to take their positive description and turn it into a persuasive paragraph to try and SELL the house. 

Your kids will have a blast with this! Paste both the painting and the writing on black construction paper. Display and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!
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