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Classroom Management via Oriental Trading

I was looking for some more supplies to help me with my classroom management now that we're in this midyear crunch. Oriental Trading was there to help me out with my plans.

Reading Bookmarks
First, I grabbed these bookmarks that are a huge incentive for my Accelerated Reader program.

I hand them out when my students meet their goals. The superhero designs and bright colors have really encouraged my students to monitor their goals and continue to reach for them. These bookmarks go really well with my *free* Accelerated Reader charts too. 

I am so in love with these lanyards.

I use them at the start of each lesson. I tell my students that I am looking for some "Super Scholars" who can be my helpers during our independent practice after the lesson. I remind students during my lesson about the characteristics I look for in a "Super Scholar."

Someone who is sitting up tall, staying focused, following directions, and being respectful. I hand them out during independent practice and I have my helpful helpers ready to go for independent practice. After grabbing the lanyards, you can grab the "Super Scholar" cards here.

Rubber Duckies
I LOVE RUBBER DUCKIES! And so do my students.

These rubber duckies are incentives I use for my students who "fly off the chart" in our classroom. After a student makes it to purple, they still have the opportunity to fly off the chart. When they fly off, their clip goes on me! They also earn their choice of a rubber ducky. These little guys are a really big incentive.

If you're looking to give an extra boost to your classroom management (especially during this time of year) check out Oriental Trading's education page. They have the tools to help you and your students succeed!

**These products were sent by Oriental Trading for a review. This review of products is my opinion after my use in my classroom.**
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