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Growth Mindset

Three Ways to Implement Growth Mindset {in the classroom}

Growth Mindset. The understanding that intelligence can be developed. It’s not worrying about how smart you are or how good you are at something, but instead it’s about how you can become smarter and better. Constantly a work in progress, growing with intelligence.

Students benefit greatly from this type of mindset. It’s not about giving up or failing. It’s about learning how we can reach goals and picking up from failures.

Students with a growth mindset are successful students. They are enthusiastic, hardworking, persistent, and take charge of their success. Fostering this type of mentality in the classroom creates a classroom of learners that can endure challenges and persevere.

As a teacher, I really want to foster growth mindset in my classroom. Not only with my students, but for myself! I am trying three things this year to help my students with growth mindset, and in turn, it will help me too!

1. Growth Mindset Brag Tags

I created ten different Growth Mindset Brag Tags so I can acknowledge my kiddos who are thinking positively and constantly increasing their intelligence and self esteem. I am planning on handing these tags out during lessons, independent practice, recess, testing time, etc. I will “catch” students exemplifying their growth mindset and they’ll be acknowledged with these brag tags.

•I can train my brain!
•Positive Thinking!
•I can persevere!
•I used a different strategy.
•Always checking if I’m doing my best work!
•I was inspired today!
•Mistakes help me to learn.
•Embracing Challenges
•Using my growth mindset!
•I showed effort in my path to mastery.

2. Growth Mindset Posters

I enlarged my Brag Tags and created some posters to help motivate my students. They serve as a constant reminder that learning is continuous. It’s okay to make a mistake, to fail, and to not do well…as long as you keep trying and learn from those experiences.

My hope is that my students will see these as reminders and complete a successful school year. I have laminated them and am ready to put these babies up in my classroom in the next few weeks before school starts!

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3. Growth Mindset Ticket out the Door

I always use a ticket out the door or a closing ticket when students are done with their independent practice. It’s just that one last opportunity to assess students’ learning.

I thought I could also use it as an opportunity for students to acknowledge growth mindset in themselves too.
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4. Growth Mindset Bulletin Board 

Alright, I know the title of this blog says three ways to implement growth mindset, but I couldn't resist sharing this! Consider this to be a *bonus* way to implement growth mindset.

I created a cute bulletin board showcasing the differences between a fixed mindset and growth mindset to always encourage my students to be the best they can be. Due to numerous requests, the resources to create this bulletin board are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! I use this board as an interactive tool with my students. At the end of each week, I ask students to write down (on a post it note) one way they used growth mindset. They post their thought onto our board as a reminder that we're always learning and growing. It's a great motivator. :)

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How do you utilize growth mindset in your classroom?
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