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New Year, New Tools!

Happy New Year everyone! 

My fabulous friends and I over at SeeMamaTeach are linking up for a fun New Year blog post!

We’re sharing ideas and freebies to help you ease back into January and I’m stop number SIX!

I go back to school on January 11th. One more week!!!

I really love to get my students excited about being back at school (especially after a LONG winter break). I want to get them motivated to start off the new year with a positive vibe. One way I like to do this is celebrating and ringing in the new year with my kiddos.

I try to gather as many New Year decorations as I can from party stores, Walmart/Target, Dollar Tree, and any other store with fun, eclectic decorations. I usually do this after the new year because everything is ON SALE! This year, however, I didn't have much luck finding some deals. According to the Party City employees, they save the New Year decorations for the following year! Who would have thought! LOL So anyways, instead I made these (FREE) little hats that my students can use to party it up! 

I also grabbed some regular birthday poppers and noise makers (they still get the job done).

I set up my classroom the weekend before I go back to school with poppers, New Year’s hats, noise makers, etc. When the students walk in the first day of school of 2016, they’ll be surprised by the party atmosphere. You can use the first day of 2016 to get your kiddos excited!

In addition to kicking off the new year with my students,  I also take the opportunity to practice the writing process by having my students read about what resolutions and goals really mean. I teach fifth grade, so I try to kick up the goal writing a notch by having my students think more cricitally about what a new year can really bring someone. You can tailor this lesson to fit any grade level you teach.

Here's a flashback to last year's example with the girl option!

You can enter to win this fun writing craftivity by entering the Rafflecopter on SeeMamaTeach
Just keep on hopping through to grab some more tips and freebies! 

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