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Happy New Year! {2015}

Happy New Year!

It's 2015! Can you believe it?!

2014 brought my family and me many, many joys. The most joyous being the birth of my little baby boy! 

2015 has so much in store for us too! My dad will be retiring, my mom will be graduating with her doctorate, my sister will be graduating with her bachelor's degree, our baby will be turning 1, and my husband and I will have our second child! Phew! It's going to be a very busy year!

With so much happening this year, I decided I needed to make some realistic resolutions for myself. 
1. Organize my blogging/TpT time better so I can get more posted and uploaded!
2. Eat healthier...easier said than done, in my opinion! 
3. Stop being such a worrywart! Especially with a new baby and a toddler. LOL!

I also got to thinking about what I did last year with my students when we all returned for the new year. I went to the party stores, and other stores like Walmart and Target, and I tried to get all the "Happy New Year" hats, party poppers, and blow horns I could find. I went to school the weekend before my kiddos came back, and I put these fun accessories on each of their desks. On the day the returned, they were so excited to see the party supplies. It was a great way to get my students motivated for the new school year. I even got them some Martinelli's Sparkling Cider to celebrate at recess (with my principal and their parents' permission of course!).

The year before that, I wasn't so swift in getting all of the hats for my students. So I made them hats instead! I have updated them for 2015 and you can grab them right here! It's a freebie if you like my Facebook page! If you don't have a Facebook, but want this freebie, just leave a comment with your email address, or email me at, and I'll send it to you!
Since I am staying home this year with my little man, I used him to model the hats! 

All you have to do, is print them and copy them on colored or white construction paper. If you choose to copy them on white construction paper, you can have your students color them. If you want them ready to go, just print them on colored construction paper. Then, you'll need to cut some strips of construction paper for the band. Adhere the band together to form a circle, and voila, you have yourself a homemade New Year's hat!

To continue getting my kiddos excited for the new year and being back at school, I had them complete a thought provoking writing craftivity to articulate their goals for the new year. I displayed them for the whole month of January! They lit up our room!

To try this craftivity with your kiddos, just visit my TpT store. I'll be giving a few away through Sunday too. To find out how to enter, visit my Facebook or find me on Instagram!

Thanks for checking out my first post of the new year!
I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous 2015! Enjoy the rest of your break and Happy New Year!

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