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Halloween Craft for Your Students

Good evening everyone!

I have been crafting quite a lot when my baby naps (check out my crafting blog, When the Baby Naps, for more crafts) and I have this fun craft you might want to try with your students for Halloween. It’s fun, easy, and inexpensive.

You'll need...
Clay pots

Green, orange, black, and white paint

Googly eyes

Tacky glue

Black sharpies or paint pens

When I did this with my students, I got the miniature clay pots. They’re less than a dollar at Walmart! I know money can be tight, so maybe you can ask your students to bring in a clay pot (a size of their choosing).

There are four design options your students can choose from:

First, you’ll need to paint the rim black for any of the designs you choose. I used acrylic paint at home, but Tempera paint works well if you have that at school.

For Frankenstein, paint the pot green. For the mummy or ghost, paint the pot white. For the pumpkin, paint the pot orange. Let these dry for a day.

Then, you can take a paint pen or black sharpie. I used a sharpie with my students because it was easier. At home, I used a paint pen. For Frankenstein, add a smile, eyebrows, and stitches. For the ghost, draw some big black eyes and an open mouth. For the mummy, you can make lines like I did to make it look like bandages. For the pumpkin, draw a fun face with triangles.

Frankenstein is the only one who’ll need googly eyes. Help your students with some tacky glue to stick these onto his face.

Once these are dry, your students can fill the pots with dirt and seeds, some paper shred, or fake flowers. The options are endless.

Have fun with the Halloween craft and surprise your students’ parents with a little spooky gift!

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