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September 11th {Never Forget}

It is the 13th anniversary of September 11th today. On this tragic day, many lives were lost, a city’s buildings were destroyed, and fear encompassed our country. As a nation, we came together and supported one another to make sure that we rose above the events of this tragic day. Our country stood tall and united, and many heroes were, and still are, honored for their bravery and self-sacrificing actions to ensure our freedom and safety. 

It’s strange to think that many of our students weren’t even born when this event happened. They are so young and don’t fully understand the events of this day. It is hard to explain to our little ones why “bad guys” do this to other people.  As difficult as it is to explain this tragedy to our students, it should not go unnoticed.

In my opinion, it may not be appropriate to explain the specific details of the event. Instead, explain the importance of what we have learned as a country. For example, explain to students how our heroes showed (and continue to show) strength and bravery. Explain how our country is resilient and how we continue to thrive even in the wake of tragedy. Explain how nobody can destroy our culture and take away our freedom.

Celebrate America and honor our American heroes not just today on Patriot Day, but everyday!

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