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Teacher Week: WHERE Tuesday!

Good morning!

So excited to continue linking up with Blog Hoppin’ for Teacher Week! Today is WHERE Tuesday!

I taught in a beautiful community in Northern Los Angeles County.  Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I’ll be staying home this year with my brand new baby boy!

Here a few pictures of my classroom from the past few years…

My classroom library with my Accelerated Reader labels (free at my TpT store) and spring time butterflies! Most of my books were purchased with Scholastic Bonus Points! I am so in love with books!

My classroom rules display! I actually revamped my rules and made posters instead. They are also FREE on my TpT store. If I were to decorate my classroom this year, I would use my new posters!

This was my focus board when I taught a Charlotte's Web unit. I made the barn and shiloh as wella s the spider web. You can actually get my Common Core Charlotte's Web Unit at my TpT store.

I didn't have enough room in my classroom library for all of my picture books! I took the cabinet doors off a set of cabinets in the corner of my room and used crates for shelves. I put all of the picture books there.

In this same area is where I completed my reading groups. We would sit on the carpet and learn! I loved this part of our day!

This was my writing center. Students used the Writing Process pencil to display where they were in the process for their writing projects. You can download the instructions to make this pencil for FREE at my TpT store.

A overview of my classroom during the first few weeks of school.

This was also during the first week of school. I had an OWL theme and at the top of the board it says, "HOOT, HOOT, HOORAY! You're in Third Grade!"

Those are a few views of my classroom. I am looking forward to getting a classroom once again to do some more organizing and decorating!

Show off your classroom by joining the fun and link up at Blog Hoppin'!

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