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Common Core Math Objectives

I have spent some time trying to reconfigure my math units for my 2nd graders. Common Core has really changed the way I utilize my supplemental materials, manipulatives, and math centers.

I deconstructed (unpacked) all of the 2nd grade Common Core Math Standards, and made them into "I will be able to" statements for teachers to use as their objectives for the lessons. I also made an easy to read table of the deconstructed standard, along with the "I will be able to" statements for each 2nd grade math standard.

Check it out here!

Take the stress away from deconstructing Common Core! In this download, each 2nd Grade Math CCSS is deconstructed for you to use as you plan your units. 

There are over 115 objectives written out as “I will be able to” statements for your students. 

You can post these “I will be able to” statements as the objectives for your lessons. 

Before each set of “I will be able to” statement cards, you will find a table with the strand, standard, key words, and “I will be able to” statements.

Each “I will be able to statement” is intended to be used for one lesson. 

One Math CCSS could have five separate lessons! For example, after CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.A.1 was deconstructed, five “I will be able to” statements were generated, along with 8 important key words students need to know before the lessons. The key words were taken from the standards themselves.

You could make one unit (with “I will be able to” statements) out of ONE standard! Depending, of course, on your students’ background knowledge and how your district will allow you to plan units and assessments.

Each statement card lists the standard at the bottom. If you wish to write your own objective, blank cards are included (with the standard listed on the bottom) for you to write your own objective based on the CCSS.

Happy teaching! :)

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