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My good friend/fellow teacher and I were trying to come up with a good idea to help us better track our students' Accelerated Reader progress. We already use the awesome Renaissance Learning website by utilizing the goal setting options and reader certifications. What we found was difficult, however, was tracking students' book choices and quizzes. We thought of several different ideas, and one that I decided to implement in my classroom uses post-it notes and student accountability.

Each students has their number on a bulletin board. They are responsible for knowing their number and utilizing the board. I have a bin of different colored post-it notes. Each color represents the book a student is reading. For example, if a student is on their first book for the marking period...they will need a blue post-it note. If a student is on their second book for the marking period, they will need a green post-it note, so on and so forth. Students are responsible for writing the following information on the post-it note: their name, book title, book level, book points, and date. Once a student has taken the quiz, they take down their post-it note, write their quiz score on the back, leave the post-it note on my table, and fill out their new post-it note for the correct corresponding book.

This whole process may seem a little daunting, but students really do well being independent and making sure they are using the correct post-it notes while holding themselves accountable. :)

I just started this process, and I'm thinking about creating a simpler card that students can fill out. A problem I'm running into is making sure I have enough post-it notes and a variety of colors for those fast readers!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this idea. My good friend/fellow teacher has another idea in mind. It's a great poster that she created! She'll be implementing it soon! We're excited to see how these ideas will help students' success with Accelerated Reader.

Here's my board that I incorporated into my OWL theme...

Happy Reading!

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