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Veterans Day Art Project

One of my goals for the month of November is to make sure my students understand the importance of Veterans Day. I really want my students to understand the importance of the holiday and that it’s not just another day off of school.

I take my students back to the history of the holiday and how it’s celebrated throughout our country. Finally, after using my writing and discussion prompt (which you can find here in my shop), we create a Veteran art project.

Five Ways to Build Your Classroom Library with Scholastic Book Clubs

When I first started teaching, a large portion of my paychecks went to my classroom. From whiteboard markers to classroom rugs, I was always looking for items for my classroom. However, I was struggling with building my classroom library.  I finally started sending Scholastic order forms to my students’ families. As I started receiving orders, my bonus point bank account started growing and I was able to build my library.  But I didn’t realize that Scholastic had so much more than just bonus points. After discovering all of Scholastic Book Club’s incentives, my library has turned into an area where students have options to choose the “just right book.”

Here are five ways I utilized Scholastic Book Club to build my robust library:

PBIS Parent Engagement

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive, system-wide framework for creating and maintaining safe and effective learning environments in schools, and ensuring that all students have social skills needed to ensure their success at school and beyond. The purpose of PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. Our goal is to explicitly teach students appropriate behavior expectations.

We teach and reinforce appropriate behaviors at school by promoting school mascots and catchy mnemonic devices, incorporating schoolwide and classroom matrices, rewards and incentives, a behavior flow chart, office discipline referrals, and by monitoring data. But how can we bridge the gap between school PBIS and home PBIS? We need to engage our parents, families, and communities in our PBIS behavior expectations in order to maintain the norm of appropriate behavior.

Here are five simple ways to keep families engaged, while helping them promote and facilitate PBIS at home:

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