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So Much More to Summarizing

Summarizing text is such an important skill. Students learn how to summarize text as early as kindergarten by being asked to retell or recount familiar parts of a story, including key details. By fifth grade, students are not only asked to summarize text, but they also need to identify the theme of the story as well as characters overcome challenges throughout the story.
Since this skill is embedded across the elementary curriculum, it’s important to practice this skill early.

Six Classroom Supplies You Need to Restock

As the end of the calendar year approaches, I find my classroom supplies are dwindling down and I am ready for some restocking and freshening up! I usually do this during my holiday break, so now I am thinking about the supplies that I use the most that I need to replace or get more of for my classroom and students. Read on to see which supplies I use most frequently that always need to be stocked in my classroom, especially around the holidays.

Veterans Day Art Project

One of my goals for the month of November is to make sure my students understand the importance of Veterans Day. I really want my students to understand the importance of the holiday and that it’s not just another day off of school.

I take my students back to the history of the holiday and how it’s celebrated throughout our country. Finally, after using my writing and discussion prompt (which you can find here in my shop), we create a Veteran art project.

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