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Classroom Management via Oriental Trading

I was looking for some more supplies to help me with my classroom management now that we're in this midyear crunch. Oriental Trading was there to help me out with my plans.

Implementing Accelerated Reader With More Accountability

In years past, I lead my school site in Accelerated Reader. I attended trainings, led staff meetings, and helped teachers successfully implement AR in their classrooms. But this year, it’s not working as successfully as it has in the past.

I decided to make some changes.

Maintaining a Teacher Growth Mindset

This year I introduced growth mindset to my students. Growth mindset is the idea that continuous effort and a positive attitude will increase achievement. Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck completed decades of mindset research, showing that using a growth mindset creates motivation and productivity. Students with a growth mindset choose to see failures as opportunities for learning, and they make the conscious decision to try new strategies, learn things in new ways, and look at school from different perspectives.
My students have really grasped this concept, especially since our growth mindset bulletin board and growth mindset brag tags are daily reminders.
My students have growth mindset down pat. But what about me, the teacher? Am I using a growth mindset?
Oftentimes, as teachers, we are really hard on ourselves. We are always wondering what we can do differently, or thinking about how we can change things for the next school year. I have done that, year after year during my teaching career. For every teacher, some years are a little more challenging than others. Between emotional instabilities, behavior management, defiant behaviors, and academic interventions teachers can find themselves feeling defeated, overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure if what we’re doing is actually making any impact.
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