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Veterans Day Art Project

One of my goals for the month of November is to make sure my students understand the importance of Veterans Day. I really want my students to understand the importance of the holiday and that it’s not just another day off of school.

I take my students back to the history of the holiday and how it’s celebrated throughout our country. Finally, after using my writing and discussion prompt (which you can find here in my shop), we create a Veteran art project.

You can create this really easily with your students. After you’ve gotten all of your supplies for the project, get set for the writing and mini history lesson too!

First you’ll need your supplies. Just red, white, and blue construction paper and a glue stick. You’ll also need to download the veteran outline. You can grab it here.

Tear the red paper into stripes. Place them accordingly on the white paper to make a flag.

Tear the blue paper into a square. Place it on top of the flag in the correct position.

Tear white paper into little pieces. These will be the stars on the blue square.

Cut out the veteran (there are three to choose from) and glue it in the center of the flag.

Once the writing is complete, glue it on the back of the art project.

You can hang them from your ceiling with some ceiling hooks. Click here to grab some for your classroom using my affiliate link.
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