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Six Classroom Supplies You Need to Restock

As the end of the calendar year approaches, I find my classroom supplies are dwindling down and I am ready for some restocking and freshening up! I usually do this during my holiday break, so now I am thinking about the supplies that I use the most that I need to replace or get more of for my classroom and students. Read on to see which supplies I use most frequently that always need to be stocked in my classroom, especially around the holidays.

Keeping pencils sharpened in anyone’s classroom is always a challenging task, but I finally found something this year that has helped me stay ahead of the sharpened pencil game. It’s the pencil sharpener made by Classroom Friendly Supplies. I have been using this sharpener since the beginning of the school year. It has been through a lot as my students use it constantly to keep their pencils sharpened. It has really held up through all of the student use. I decided to seat my students in trapezoid tables after our holiday break, and I am going to get a sharpener for each table to help students keep their pencils sharpened throughout the day. Since the sharpener is so durable and kid-friendly, they’ll last for the entire school year. I am looking forward to also using them for next year as I start the school year with the trapezoid tables. Get your pencil sharpener by visiting their site, Classroom Friendly Supplies.

Smart Pals
To check for my students’ understanding during lessons, I am always using Smart Pals. I love that I can quickly insert any paper that I need to correlate with the lesson. The downside is that since we use them so much, they get a little beat up. I usually keep enough on hand to switch out the Smart Pals as needed, but this winter break I am going to replace them all so my students can start the year with a fresh board. Amazon always has good deals on these Smart Pals, and I love the bright color options. Use my affiliate link to get your set.

Dry Erase Emojis
In addition to using Smart Pals all year, I also get my students dry erasers to keep inside of their smart pals. I started the year with washcloths and then got some dry erasers from the dollar store. Those didn’t hold up too well, so I switched to using these Emoji dry erasers. I am ordering more before winter break to add to my students’ holiday gift. They go perfectly with my theme and are a great addition to ring in the new year. Use my affiliate link to get a set for your students.

Astrobrights Paper
I use Astrobrights paper for just about everything in my classroom. From brag tags to bulletin board letters, Astrobrights paper gets me through the year. As always, this time of year I am running low on this bright colored paper. I always use this time to restock, especially when Amazon has its deals. I can never have too much paper. Use my affiliate link to stock up, too.

Mr. Sketch
I constantly use Mr. Sketch markers to make anchor charts and to display my target responses for student work. I also have been letting my students use these markers to create their own posters too, and then students go on gallery walks to add to each other’s posters. Since my students have been using the markers so much, I’ve found myself needed to replace the markers more often. I always find good deals on Amazon for a pack of 12 markers. You can grab them too, using my affiliate link.

Post-it Notepad

I cannot get enough Post-it Note Pads. I use at least 3-4 every day. It can definitely add up buying these notepads at the store. Whenever I find the packs of two on Amazon, I always stock up. Winter break is a good time to stock up on these too because you can be prepared to ring in the new year with some good, crisp anchor charts. Use my affiliate link to grab some for yourself.

Winter break is always a good time to restock and refresh. I always love ringing in the new year with my students with fresh school supplies.

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