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Five Ways to Build Your Classroom Library with Scholastic Book Clubs

When I first started teaching, a large portion of my paychecks went to my classroom. From whiteboard markers to classroom rugs, I was always looking for items for my classroom. However, I was struggling with building my classroom library.  I finally started sending Scholastic order forms to my students’ families. As I started receiving orders, my bonus point bank account started growing and I was able to build my library.  But I didn’t realize that Scholastic had so much more than just bonus points. After discovering all of Scholastic Book Club’s incentives, my library has turned into an area where students have options to choose the “just right book.”

Here are five ways I utilized Scholastic Book Club to build my robust library:

1.  I utilize monthly rewards and “Bonus Points” for more free books and classroom supplies.
As I mentioned earlier, I utilized bonus points from book orders to build my library and get other things from my classroom. Each month, I add even more free books and resources to my classroom because of the amount of bonus points I get from each order. Not only do I get books, but I also get furnishings, educational games, and posters. This year there is even more incentive to send book orders home: if you place a $50 order, you get 10 FREE books for your classroom!
2. I look for one dollar book deals.
I always look for Scholastic’s $1 deals to build my class library. Each month, Scholastic Book Clubs offers a wide variety of “$1 book deals,” making it easy for both teachers and parents to afford high-quality reads for kids to read independently in the classroom and at home. You can also find weekly dollar deals on Scholastic’s blog and social accounts for weekly dollar deals. These dollar deals are also great for holiday gifts! I always stock up on books for my students’ yearly gift from the teacher.
3. I grow my library quickly with “Book Bundle” collections.
The Scholastic Book Clubs flyer also has some great selection of book bundles. For just a few dollars I can add 5 to 10 books to my classroom library. The books range in topics from real life heroes to holiday themed collections to laugh out loud stories.

4. I got to know the NEW Apple Recognition and Rewards Program.
I love how Scholastic says “thank you” to teachers and students who go the extra mile to foster a love of reading. The Apple Recognition and Rewards program offers free shipping, surprise gifts, Scholastic Teacher Magazine subscription discounts, and more to create a dynamic, book-loving classroom. I also love the cute magnets that I can use to display what level I am at with the Apple Recognition program!
5. I try to introduce a new teacher to Book Clubs to help build her or his classroom library.
Since teachers who are already enrolled in Scholastic Book Clubs are eligible for special “bonus points” when they help new teachers get started with the program, I try to let new teachers know about Scholastic Book Clubs.  It’s a win-win for both of us! They get referred to a new program, and I earn points for my classroom. This year, both teachers will receive an extra 250 bonus points to help build their classroom library full of free books!

Scholastic has always been a great resource for teachers. In addition to providing teachers with classroom resources, Scholastic also helps foster students’ love for reading.

Want to get started with Scholastic? Watch this video to see how you can create your online account.
*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*
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