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Implementing Accelerated Reader With More Accountability

In years past, I lead my school site in Accelerated Reader. I attended trainings, led staff meetings, and helped teachers successfully implement AR in their classrooms. But this year, it’s not working as successfully as it has in the past.

I decided to make some changes.

I started with the same protocol on making AR goals, but I decided to make some slight changes. I still use the STAR assessment to gain knowledge about students’ reading levels. I still give students their reading levels so they can choose the “just right” book. But, instead of using a point goal, I am having my students determine their own goals using the amount of books that they have read.

I created a chart where students can record the number of books they’re reading. After they have finished a book, they will take a quiz on the book. If they earned an 80% or more, students may mark off a box next to their name.

Students will use post it notes labeled with their name, title of their AR book choice, the level of the book, and the date in which they started reading the book. As soon as they are done reading that book and have taken the AR quiz, students will remove that post it note from the chart and place a new post it note with their new AR book information. This chart will serve as a visual for students to see and remember which book they’re “currently reading.”

My marking period for this new goals method is about 6 weeks, so I am encouraging my students to read 3 books. I am also encouraging students to read chapter books that will challenge them.  If students read more than 3 books, that will be celebrated as well!

In addition to the AR chart where students can record the number of books they have read, students will also use another chart to track which book they’re ”currently reading.” This will help hold students more accountable (and myself as the classroom teacher will be held more accountable).

At the end of our marking period, which will be before our Spring Break (at the end of March), I will hold an in class awards assembly where students will be honored. I would like to honor students who reached the 3 book goal, as well as students who have surpassed the 3 book goal.

I have just started using this system in my classroom and students have already become more eager and interested in reading. You can grab these FREE charts and an accompanying editable parent letter in my shop.

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