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How Oriental Trading Inspired My Classroom

Getting ready for back to school is a little less stressful with help from Oriental Trading.

I am using some of their awesome resources to make my classroom even that much better!

Brag tags are all the rage right now in various elementary school classrooms. I display my brag tags by using a hundreds chart at the front of my classroom under the SmartBoard. This makes it easy for me to just grab the tags that I need. Sometimes, I even have my students run up and grab a tag of their choice! It’s a great display and time saver. 

In addition to the hundreds chart I use for my brag tags, I also received chains from Oriental Trading to hang my students’ brag tags. They’re inexpensive and good quality. They hang beautifully in my classroom.
I am loving my idioms chart this year! It is a perfect fit in our classroom library and correlates well with my brain based direct instruction lessons about idioms. Students can easily view them daily, and the chart makes it easy to remind students of the meanings.

OMG! These rubber duckies. I use these as an incentive. When students “fly off the chart” of my behavior chart (that onlygoes UP!), they get their choice of a cute, little rubber ducky. It is a HUGE hit, and an incentive to keep my students movin’ on up the chart.

I usually use GoNoodle for my brain breaks. But in a time crunch, or just to change it up, I have been using these convenient brain break cubes. I toss a cube to a student (who is listening nicely), and the student reads off the brain break based on the side he or she caught. It’s a quick 30 second to one minute break my students need to remain focused for the next lesson.

Check out these cute less than, greater than, and equal to magnets. They are great for displaying for a lesson or small group games. They’re fun and a great visual to help students recognize the meaning of these symbols.

Oriental Trading has so many useful items to get you prepared for back to school!

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