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End of the Year Volunteer Gifts

Every year in my teaching career I have always had the most wonderful classroom volunteers. This year was no different! I was racking my brain trying to find a thoughtful and use gift for my volunteers.

I have done the beautiful flower gifts with the cards saying "thank you for helping us grow."  I have done the clever tags with puns and attached them to various gifts to show my gratitude. I have done class pictures and frames so parents could remember and understand how much we appreciate them. You can even find my tags for free here.

But, this year I was looking for something different, something more personal, and something my volunteers might be able to use in their personal lives.

I went to Home Goods (one of my most favorite stores) and purchased some super cute journals. 

I had my students write little notes in the journals. 

We brainstormed and discussed what each of our volunteers did for us and how we could show our gratitude through our writing. 

Then, I created tables to stick on top of the journals. 

I tied them up with ribbon and added a perfect Flair pen for the final touch. 

I even included a heart felt note from me to make sure my volunteers knew how much I appreciated them.

It's always so hard to find the perfect gift for your volunteers, but I think they'll appreciate any form of acknowledgement. 

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