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Proportion Picture Art {End of the Year or B2S}

I have a great project that will be a great closer of the end of the year, or a fun opener for back to school!
It’s super easy and incorporates some fun math!

First, take a picture of each student. 

Make the measurement of the picture an easy measurement that can be doubled.

I inserted the picture into PowerPoint slides and made them 5 x 8 inches.
Have your students measure out one inch columns and one inch rows.

Now give your students a 10 x 16 inch white sheet of construction paper.

Explain how the dimensions doubled from the picture to the construction paper. See if your students can figure out the new measurements for the rows and columns, since they know the proportions doubled.

Explain that since the proportion doubled, that they’ll now have to measure out two inch columns and two inch rows.

When the grid lines are made on both the picture and the construction paper, instruct students to draw their faces on the construction paper, using their picture as a guide.

Once their faces are drawn, they can erase the guidelines that are on the face. 

Have your students add patterns to the remaining squares to add a creative background!

Mount the pictures on construction paper. For fun, I also glue the original picture on the back so you can remember the model for the drawing.
Happy drawing!
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