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Authors' Tea Ideas

Awhile back I posted about using the wonderful website, Student Treasures, to publish your students' writing. It's a great resource that's FREE for teachers and FUN for students.

Since I am back in the classroom this year, I decided it was time to utilize this resource for my fifth grade class.

After publishing their writing, I held an "Authors' Tea" for students to share their writing and enjoy some fun and relaxing time with their peers. It's a great way to end the school year and keep students engaged in their writing as the year comes to an end.

It was pretty simple to host an Authors' Tea.

1. Ask for parent donations.
I had a few parents donate table cloths, food, and drinks. I also brought some of my own goodies to fill up our snack table.

2. Have students create About the Author pages.
I had students write short essays about themselves in the third person. They wrote about their accomplishments, what inspires their writing, and what they're currently working on as writers. It was a hit with the parents.

3.  Get Pandora ready with some easy listening music.
I played some classical music while during our Authors' Tea. It set the calm and respectful tone for our party.

4. Set "Author's Chairs" around the room.
I set up three chairs and labeled them "Author's Chair." Students who wanted to read their story from our published book could sit in the chair. If other students (and/or parents) saw them sitting in the chair, they knew to stand around and listen to their story.

5. Sit back and enjoy!
Watching your students read each other's stories is priceless. It is a great experience for students, parents, and teachers to really see how much these kiddos have grown as writers and scholars.

I have already set my publishing date for next school year!
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