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Plickers {An Amazing Way to Check for Understanding}

My mind was just blown. That's right. I just experienced a #mindblowing app that will change the way you check for understanding during your lessons: PLICKERS 

Plickers is a simple tool teachers can use to gather formative assessments from their students. It's a fun, easy way to get your students' feedback, answers, and engagement.

It's pretty simple to use...

All you have to do is go to the Plickers website and sign up. 

You also have to download the app on your smart device.

Once you're connected, add your class and your students. You can do this on the app or on the website.

Then you need to assign your students a specific Plickers card that is associated with their name.

Next, add your folders and question sets.

Now you're ready to start using this with your students! Make sure you give each student the correct Plickers card. Show them how to use their special code to show their answers. The answer they choose as correct (A, B, C, or D) should be the letter that's at the top of the card when they show you their card.

Show the question on your Smart Board or projection screen and students will hold up their answers. You use your smart phone or tablet to scan the room (with your camera option). The phone will pick up the card codes and register the answers as correct or incorrect for each student. 

Screen shot of Plickers in action!
You can display their responses on the board. You can show them anonymously, or with their names open for everyone to see. You can see who specifically answered which question and what their answers were to the question. 

When you try it, it's phenonomal. You'll want to spend hours making Plickers questions.

In my district, we are fortunate enough to have Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA). Two of our Tech TOSAs came to our classroom to show us this amazing app and formative assessment tool. It keeps our kiddos engaged and is a great way to document formative and/or summative assessment results.

Get Plickering!

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