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Morning Work {FREEBIE}

Classroom management is the key to a successful classroom. Students learn and disruptions are at a minimum. 
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One tool I use for classroom management is MORNING WORK! 

I know a lot of teachers use morning work (sometimes called bell work) to get students settled as they walk into their classrooms. Sometimes it’s a sheet with a number of the day, word problem, word of the day, etc. 

I was using a morning work sheet with grammar review, math review, and writing prompts. However, I found I had a slight problem. Some of those ready made morning work papers didn’t always align with things I had taught in class. I was getting frustrated with these papers because it wasn’t utilizing my students’ skills, or pushing them to think outside of the box.  I thought about creating my own morning work for each day, but between my home life (two babies under two and a husband) and school work, I just couldn’t find the time to dedicate to creating full morning work pages. I then decided I would hold my students more accountable. 

I created a simple sheet that my students keep with them throughout the week that is labeled Monday through Friday. (I also have a flip book version!) 

I write a prompt on the board for students to answer each day. It can be several questions related to different subjects, or it can be one large question. 

It just depends on the previous day’s lesson. To save time, I write the question after school so it’s ready for the next morning. Sometimes, I’ll write it on our Smart Board in the morning too. 

The key is really just creating your questions based on something from the previous day’s lesson. I love this way of incorporating morning work into my classroom. It keeps my kiddos on task as they enter the classroom, and it is a great way of reviewing important concepts taught in class. 

How do you administer MORNING WORK?
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