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Winner Wednesday: ELA Literature Interactive Notebook {Grades 1 through 3}

WOO HOO! I am so excited to be a part of this month’s Winner Wednesday, a fun linky party that takes place on the first Wednesday of each month (hosted by the fabulous Jennifer at A Dab of Glue Will Do).

This month you can enter to win ONE (or all) of my ELA Literature Interactive Notebook Bundles. I am setting up a giveaway for my:
1st Grade Interactive Notebook
2nd Grade Interactive Notebook
3rd Grade Interactive Notebook

Each set of INB printables is aligned with CCSS for ELA Literature.

This is a great item to use for the beginning of the school year with first day of school books like First Day Jitters or Bad Case of Stripes.

You can also use these printables with a multitude of books throughout the school year.

These items are broken into the three sections of the ELA Literature standards:
Key Ideas and Details
Craft and Structure
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

The printables are separated by the above sections and the standards, objectives, and directions are listed for each section of the standards.

Each page contains the objective on the top. Students need to cut out the objective and paste it at the top of the page. They will then follow directions for the printable.

The standard is also printed at the bottom of the page. They can use this to write the standard number on their table of contents.

Please keep in mind that these printables are for use AFTER the concept has been taught. These printables should be used as practice for students to master the standards. They should also be able to use these printables independently (after being taught how to used the printable of course J) after they’ve completed a reading.

For each page, follow the assembly directions (located at the end of this download) for the printable. Students will cut, glue, and fold the paper (according to the directions) and place into their notebook.

I have included a cover sheet in black and white for your students to use as their front page cover. There are also pages for a table of contents. You have the option to use one table of contents sheet, or you can add sheets to the bottom of the first sheet.

Enter in one or all of the giveaways below!

Don’t forget to check out the other fabulous giveaways and items and WIN BIG for the beginning of the year!

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