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It's always important to have a positive attitude in your classroom. Your kiddos are with you the WHOLE day. Why not make it a HAPPY day? I have blogged about some positive behavior management strategies before, but I wanted to go into a little more detail about one of my favorite strategies: STUDENT OF THE DAY!

I always pick a "student of the day," or more than one, at the end of the day! Student of the Day is a student (or students) who exemplifies qualities of a good attitude and hard worker. It's a student who has worked hard throughout the day, been on their best behavior, given their best effort, or all of the above! 

It's a great incentive to keep your students behaving well throughout the day. I even remind them throughout the day that I will be picking a Student of the Day. Sometimes, when it gets really close to dismissal, and I haven't chosen one yet, my students will remind me!

Here's how it works:
Keep them handy for your end of the day routine.
Write out a few notes during clean up time.
Pass out the notes when your students are lined up ready to leave for the day!

I usually write why I chose that student(s). What they worked hard on, how their behavior was exemplary, or how I saw them changing their attitude for the better. 

My kiddos love putting up these little notes on their refrigerator doors. Some can't wait to see how many they collect. 😀 

I also keep a checklist and make sure to honor all students equally throughout the year! 

You can check off weekly, monthly, quarterly, or however you want! It's important to keep it fair and balanced. Trust me, your students will know who gets chosen more than the other students. It's also important to keep in mind the students who need that extra push and motivation. Being Student of the Day can really give them that bump they need to stay positive in the classroom.

Who will you pick as Student of the Day?

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