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Unity Poem {Back to School}

Gearing up for Back to School means getting ready for Back to School Night, Meet the Teacher Night, and other getting to know you events.

Something I always included in my Back to School Night packet was an inspirational poem, meant to unite parents and teachers. 

It is titled UNITY.

It is a poem explaining the importance of both of our jobs: making students' lives brighter and better!

The author of this poem is unknown, but they convey the message through eloquent rhyming and motivational phrases.

I decided to put this lovely poem onto bookmarks. 

You can give these out at your Back to School Night to convey the message of unity to your students' parents. 

You can also have a full size page to offer as a part of your Back to School Night materials!

They come in black and white and with color graphics from Creative Clips! 

Grab your copy for FREE!

Happy Back to School Season!
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