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Back to School Ice Breaker {Watermelon Name Tag}

Ready for a fun Back to School ice breaker?!

Well, here YOU go!


This icebreaker is super easy, fun, and simple!

You start by giving your students a watermelon name tag. 

You’ll have to print them on full page labels and cut them out so they’re ready to go!

You have the option of typing their names,

handwriting their names, or having your students handwrite their names.

The directions are simple…have your students add seeds to their name tags and color them!

Now here's the fun not tell your students this until they've completed their tags. Their job, once their name tags are complete, is to tell their buddy something about themselves.  

Here's the catch: they have to tell their buddy as many things about them as they have watermelon seeds on their tag. 

For example, if I drew 10 watermelon seeds, I'd have to tell my partner 10 things about me! It can be things that happened over summer, hobbies, favorite books, etc. Students can use this opportunity to find out more about their classmates and enjoy a little conversation.

Now,  how do my students find their buddies? I’m glad you asked! 

You can use a handy dandy watermelon buddy match up.

Just print out the cards, laminate, and cut. Pass out the cards to your students and have them match up! They need to match up the number sentence with the correct sum.

Now, once they’ve found their partners and shared their details, they can complete a little informational sheet about their partner. You have three choices to give your students…

They can write three sentences about their partner.

They can draw a picture about their partner’s details.

They can write and draw a picture!

Make sure they write their partner’s name in the big watermelon!!

Finally, your kiddos can complete a short vowel memory game and sorting activity as buddies. 

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So, it’s a super simple, fun way to BREAK the ICE!

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