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Opinion Writing {This Summer..}

The year is winding down! I have created this simple print and go writing activity your students can complete. 

They’ll get excited for summer and practice their writing skills at the same time!

This is aligned with the following CCSS:



Here’s the writing process you can use with your kiddos to create this brochure!

Step One: Prewrite/Brainstorm
Use these prewriting/brainstorming sheets to help your students put their thoughts together.
Have your students brainstorm ideas of where they would like to go this summer, or what they would like to do! Remind your students that this can be an extravagant trip and to use their imaginations -OR- it can be a realistic destination that they could present to their parents.

After brainstorming, guide students into picking ONE option that they’ll write about. They can use the bubble map on the topic sentence guided writing page to help them come up with three reasons to support their opinion. Help them form their topic sentence using the next guided writing sheet. They can use the sentence fillers for help, or come up with their own sentences! Maybe they can use a combination of both.
For their three reasons, have students use the following graphic organizers and writing lines. They’ll need to come up with key details to support their reasons to make sure their opinion is heard loud and clear!

Finally, help your kiddos form a concluding sentence by using the conclusion guided writing page.

Step Two: Rough Draft
Once they’re done with all of the prewriting sheets, they’ll need to put everything together to write their rough drafts. Use this paper and have your students write their rough drafts.

Step Three: Revise for Content
Have your students revise their own writing for content. Remind them to check for consistency and the overall flow of the writing.

Step Four: Edit
If you’re able to, have a writing conference with your students. Help them edit their writing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. You can also have your students peer edit, or have an older class help your students edit their writing. It’s always best to have another set of eyes look at writing pieces.

Step Five: Publish

Finally, students can write their final drafts on the brochure final draft paper. 

They can add pictures and color. You can display them for everyone to see!

I also included some linking and transition words for your students to reference.

You can grab this download at my TpT shop!

Thanks for reading! Happy teaching and happy summer! 

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