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Memorial Day {Informational Text and Direct Instruction Lesson}

Happy Tuesday!

It's almost Memorial Day!

Teach your students the importance of this day and its history.

I used this Direct Instruction template I created to write a Memorial Day lesson using the standard I deconstructed in my guest post on Education to the Core. You can grab it here for FREE!

Here are the step-by-step directions for my Memorial Day Direct Instruction lesson with my deconstructed standard:

Slide One: Hook
Excite your students about Memorial Day! Talk about the upcoming three day weekend for a few minutes then explain how it’s an important day for our country.

Slide 2: Objective

State the objective to your students and write it on the board.

Slide 3: Review

Review these questions with your students and remind them about informational text and key details.

Slide 4: Big Idea

State the big idea. It will help your students understand why we need to know this information.

Slides 5 through 12: Modeling

Use the following slides to show your students how to fill out the graphic organizer. Here’s a copy of the organizer for you! There’s an alternate copy (vertical) in my Memorial Day download on TpT.

Slides 13 through 18: Check for Understanding

Show your students each slide and have them answer their questions on their whiteboards.

Slides 19 through 21: Closure

Ask the three questions on the slides and have your students answer these questions on their whiteboards.

Slide 22: Independent Practice

Explain the Independent Practice for students. They can use their sheets to help them complete the flip book!

Grab my Memorial Day download from my shop!

Have a great day! :)
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