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Five for Friday {5.15.15}

I know it’s Saturday, but better late than never I suppose!

It’s Five for Friday time!

This week I worked on my guest post for Education to the Core!

Check my post out on Monday! It’s all about the Common Core and Direct Instruction. You can grab some freebies and see how to implement Common Core with ease in your classroom!

I joined some awesome Facebook groups this week!

I joined the Work at Home Mom group. This group is for teachers turned stay at home moms who work full time on their TpT and blogging. It’s super motivational and supportive. So happy to be a part of this group!

I also joined the SoCal Teacher group. It’s nice to connect with teachers from the same area! I am a little more in Northern LA County, but it’s great to hear from others in the OC!

I’ll also be linking up with the SoCal blog hop next week! So keep an eye out for that…and some more freebies!

I uploaded this Memorial Day informational text, direct instruction, and flip book download last night. 

Grab it for your kiddos…if you’re still in school that is!

It finally rained in SoCal this week! It’s funny how the news makes it such a HUGE deal in regards to wetness and disaster. I thought this meme was funny.

I know we need the water! We’re in a horrible drought. But the newscasters need to calm down and the severity of the rain. It’s water people!

Finally, I am so excited because my husband got me an external hard drive for Mother’s Day! I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but I have been wanted one FOREVER. He got me one that holds like a million megabytes. I transferred some of my old stuff to the hard drive, and now my computer is running so much faster! I guess it’s the little things. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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