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Mother's Day Craft {FREEBIE}

Here’s a cute Mother’s Day gift you can have your kiddos create for their moms, grandmas, aunts, or any special person in their lives!

This is also a great activity to review synonyms, using a dictionary/thesaurus, and vocabulary strategies!

Supplies you’ll need:
  • Magazines
  • Scissors and Glue
  • Scrapbook paper and/or construction paper (cut in the size of the frames)
  • Frames (Great dollar store finds or foam frames from Oriental Trading)
  • The words MOM, GRANDMA, AUNT printed on cardstock with cute fonts
  • Ziplock baggies to hold students' supplies if you can't finish the project the same day
  • Thesaurus or iPads for students to use to look up synonyms for words about their moms

Step One
Cut out words from magazines that describe the person the gift is for (pretty, strong, fabulous, sweet, love, etc.)

Step Two
Cut out the letters of the word your student chose, so each letter is its own little square. You can also have your students draw these letters out to add a more personal touch.

Step Three
Arrange the words and letters on the scrapbook paper/construction paper. Be sure to have enough words to fill the page. Don’t glue anything until your kiddos are satisfied with the layout. Be sure to verify the frame won’t cut off the words.

When they’re done…
Place the page in the frame, wrap it up, and have your students give this precious gift to their special person on Mother’s Day.

Here’s an example of a variation of the project. I made this for my baby’s room.

Hope you and your students enjoy this fun and thoughtful project!

Be sure to check out my Mother's Day booklet to accompany this cute frame! 

It's only $2.25, but the love and enjoyment from your students' moms are priceless!

Happy Mother's Day!
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