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Earth Day Writing Craftivity

It's Earth Day!

Here's a FREE writing craftivity for YOU!

Cut out each strip of writing paper titled with “recycle,” “reuse,” and “reduce.”

Glue onto green construction paper backing. You’ll need to measure the construction paper backing making sure there is a little extra paper on the side for gluing.
Glue the three pieces together and fold to form a triangle.
Poke a hole on two sides of the triangle.

Put finishing line into each hole.

World and Face

Print out the two worlds on white construction paper and color the worlds.

Print the face and sun back to back on white construction paper.

When cutting out the sun, cut rectangles around the rays. You’ll have an area on the other side to draw lines for the face’s hair. See my example.

Add a face to the face side of the sun/face.

Glue the face/sun in between the two worlds.

Glue the hands on the world where the face is showing.

Print the heart on white construction paper and color any color you would like. Cut out and glue on the world.

Poke a hole on each side of the world.

Connect to the triangle writing piece.

Poke a hole in the ear of the face and put fishing line through.

Hang your finished product up with pride!

Have your students write sentences about how they can REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE! 

Click here for your copy!

Happy Earth Day!
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