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You Oughta Know About Bare Books

Linking up today with the fabulous Mrs. McClain because you oughta know about BARE BOOKS!

A few months ago for the “You Oughta Know” blog hop, I wrote about a great online tool for making books and motivating your students to WRITE: Student Treasures.

Well, today I am sharing another writing motivator for your classroom: BARE BOOKS!

Bare Books is a great website that sells BARE books, puzzles, and game boards.

I used Bare Books when I taught a summer writing class at my school. It was SO much fun and kiddos LOVED it!

I used a few writing lessons I created, along with these FREE Common Core writing graphic organizers, to help students come up with their pieces. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying the art of writing!

They sell books with blank covers and covers with drawings. 

They have books with lines and books without lines. I used a composition book to help my students with their prewriting, rough draft, and editing. They created their final pieces in the Bare Books.

Bare Books offers project ideas for their products too!

Even though they can be a little pricey, it’s worth the cost to enhance your students’ imagination. Maybe there are funds at your school to help may for the cost of the books, or your PTA can help you buy books for your students. As teachers, we know spending money, and LOTS of money, is all part of the job!

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