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Valentine's Day Art Project

Trying to think of a fun Valentine’s Day project to complete with your kiddos? 

Well, I’ve got just the art project that will color up your classroom walls, while at the same time celebrate this festive day of LOVE!

It’s simple…

Make sure your students have the following tools:
5x5 piece of white cardstock or construction paper
Black sharpie or marker
Markers and crayons of assorted colors

Explain to your students that they’ll be creating a fun piece of color artwork that will be displayed in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Theyll need to pick a few colors to work with to create this cute and simple project.

First, theyll draw lines across the 5x5 paper. They can go in any direction, just as long as the points don't meet and only the perpendicular lines intersect.

Have them draw the lines in pencil with a ruler. Once they're happy with the lines, they can draw a heart and then they can trace over them with the black sharpie/marker.

Students will choose different colors for their hearts. Have them pick 2-3 colors for the background and 2 colors for the heart. Encourage students to color in a pattern. Make sure that touching squares have different colors.

Once students have colored their hearts, help them mount their artwork on a construction paper background that compliments their color choices.

On a side note, this project is also a lot of fun when using oil pastels. It's a great way to experiment with color and art, the kiddos love getting messy with art supplies!

Laminating these is also a great finishing touch!

Hope you have some fun making these art projects with your kiddos.
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