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You Oughta Know About Rick Morris' Sign Language Posters

You Oughta Know About…Rick Morris’ Sign Language Posters for Classroom Management!

Happy Saturday everyone! 

I am linking up with Jasmine over at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her awesome Blog Hop: You Oughta Know...

Today I am bringing you some information about Rick Morris’ Sign Language Posters.

Rick Morris is a recognized specialist in the field of classroom management and motivation.  He has 31 years of classroom teaching experience and 25+ years of staff development expertise. He has authored several books and hosts seminars to motivate and encourage positive classroom management strategies.

I have attended his seminars and have a few of his books. I really like some of his strategies and I used them in my repertoire of classroom management tactics! 

One of his strategies that I really enjoyed using in my classroom was his sign language poster set.

I really liked using these posters in my classroom because they helped promote and foster a positive classroom environment. I would keep these posters on display in a prominent place in my classroom all year long.  

On the first day of school, I would be sure to explain what each command meant and how students could sign to explain what they needed. This helped students to keep from shouting out or getting out of their seats at the wrong times. 

The sign language would also help me distinguish why students were raising their hands. I would know if they had a comment, question, answer, etc.

I didn't use all of the posters. I chose only the ones that worked for me and my classroom. For example, I didn't really like the "I'm ignoring you" sign, so I didn't use it! You can do the same!

Here are the ones I used:

I printed these out and glued them to a bright piece of construction paper for a backing. Then I laminated them for durability before displaying them in my classroom.

I really enjoyed seeing my students use the sign language in our classroom. It was wonderful to see them engaged in learning and my classroom management working! 

You can download them for free at Rick Morris' website or by clicking here!

Rick Morris has some other great ideas for classroom management. I love to use a variety of educators' ideas when planning and structuring my classroom. It's always great to get new ideas. That's why I love this blog hop!

Don't forget to check out these other great bloggers' posts! Have a wonderful weekend!

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