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You Oughta Know About Student Treasures

Good morning! I am linking up today with Mrs. McClain for her monthly You Oughta Know blog linky!

Well, I think you oughta know about Student Treasures Publishing!

Getting your students super PUMPED about writing will help them become better writers. They'll be more interested and show more enthusiasm when writing. Their creativity will blossom and their imaginations will take off on the page.

There are several strategies to help get your students motivated and excited to write. Brainstorming, autonomy in writing ideas, writing partners, writing conferences, and the list goes on and on. There is ONE strategy, however, that motivated my students to the extreme: Student Treasures Publishing.

Student Treasures Publishing is a FREE way to professionally publish your students’ work. I found this company a few years ago when I received a letter in the mail about their mission and purpose. At first, I was a little hesitant to try it because it was FREE and it was super simple to get my students started. My skepticism kicked in and I automatically thought…this is too good to be true!

After some research on their website, I decided to give it a try. After all, it was FREE and simple, so why not? Boy oh boy! Am I ever glad I did it! My first year using this company to publish my students’ writing was a success. My students LOVED it! They got to write their stories and create illustrations that accompanied their work. They were so excited to write their “final drafts” and couldn’t wait to see their work in a professionally bound book.

The next best part is for the parents. There is no obligation to purchase a book as a parent. All you have to do is send home the cute stickers and order forms for parents to order their child’s work. If they don’t want to order a book, that’s fine! Your class gets a FREE book to keep! So parents can come by and check out their child’s work from you class copy. If parents do want to order a book, all they have to do is pay about $25!

There are many options to choose from as a teacher for your class book. Students can publish individual books, class books, and eBooks. There are writing ideas and the customer service is impeccable!

I used Student Treasures every year I taught before staying home with my baby. My students were in awe of their priceless, published work. It was so amazing to see their faces light up when they shared their stories! AND...students and families have a precious way to save their children's work! :)

A fun way I helped students show off their published work was by hosting an Authors’ Tea in my classroom. I usually had the finished books arrive around April or May and I held our Authors' Tea around that time. I made sure each student had a book. If a student’s parents did not order a book, I used the awesome coupons from Student Treasures to buy them a book to have for the Authors’ Tea. I asked parents to bring finger foods and juices. Students were able to chat, eat, and display their published stories. I also set up an “Author’s Chair” so students could sit at the chair and read their stories to the class. Parents were also invited to the Authors’ Tea to take part in their children’s successes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this publishing company! Check them out and see for yourself how awesome they are! Your students will thank you!

Have a great weekend!

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