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You Oughta Know About EduCreations

I am so excited to be linking up with Jasmine McClain at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain and writing my first "You Oughta Know About..." post! Other bloggers and I will be sharing things that you "oughta know" for your classroom.

You oughta know about EduCreations!

This awesome iPad app allows you to create and share video lessons on your iPad or web browser. You can email the videos out to your students, post them on your class website or blog, have your students visit your EduCreations profile, or use the app as a fun center in your classroom for students.

I was first introduced to this useful app by one of my amazing colleagues when I was teaching third grade. Third grade is BIG learning year! Students are not only mastering their basic multiplication and division facts, but they’re also learning how to multiply and divide with multi-digit numbers.  This app helped students at home and it made lessons more engaging!

In my classroom, I would teach a lesson on long division or multiplying with multi-digit numbers and then use EduCreations to reteach the lesson for that night’s homework. I would use my iPad to create the lesson after school. Then I would post the link on my class website and email the link to my students. My students and their parents loved this! It helped them with their homework and parents were able to understand what their children were learning.

Another fun way to use this interactive app is to have students help you create the lesson. Throughout the week we would build on the math concept we were mastering. By the middle of the week, students felt pretty confident. I would hook up my iPad to our SmartBoard and have the students guide the lesson. Students loved being a part of the lesson and hearing their voices on the video. Here’s an example of my students helping me with the lesson!
More students would participate during the lesson just because they wanted to hear their voices. In actuality, they were learning, having fun, and engaged in the lesson. This app helped tremendously with students’ ability to comprehend and master the math concepts.

This app works for all subject matter. You can also find other educators’ lessons and use those with your class.  It’s also a great way for us to find other educators and their creations. We can all learn together, create together, and share our creations!

It’s super simple. Just sign up for FREE and create!

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