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Teacher Week: WHY Wednesday! {FREEBIE}

Hello there!

Teacher week continues with Wednesday WHY! 

I worked at a small private school where we didn’t have very many extra resources. We had a high population of students with special needs and who were on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).  We didn’t have resource specialists, special education teachers, or resources for special education students like public schools.  For me, it was kind of nerve wracking because I wanted to make sure we were meeting each student’s goals successfully. Thumbing through the IEP was extensive. My good friend/colleague and I decided that we would create something that would help our fellow colleagues when it came to looking at information on an IEP. We also wanted to have a way to document students’ goals, review dates, and other pertinent information. We wanted to be informed about our students and we wanted documentation at our IEP meetings. We came up with the IEP Cover Sheet.

This was placed in the student’s cumulative file on top of the IEP. It outlines the following:
  •       Disability Area (Primary and Secondary)
  •       Initial Assessment
  •       Recent Assessment
  •       Upcoming Assessment
  •       Annual Goals and Objectives
  •       Accommodations and Modifications
  •       Special Factors
  •       Academic Strengths
  •       Academic Needs
  •       Social Strengths
  •       Social Needs
  •       Offer of FAPE Services
  •       Additional Comments

Obviously, this sheet doesn’t take away from the fact that you still have to look at the entire IEP. It’s just a quick way of seeing a student’s information. It's also a nice way to stay organized and in tune with your students' needs!

My friend/colleague and I went through our entire student population and created a cover sheet for each student on an IEP. Even though it was a large project, it was worth it in the end to see teachers’ frustrations eased. This process also has to be done each time a student’s IEP is updated. We actually made this an easy to use computer file that was editable. So we developed a system where teachers would update the sheet by hand and then we would update it on our database on the computer. As teachers, we made sure this information was kept confidential and that it remained in a student’s cumulative file.

A FREE copy of the IEP Cover Sheet is located here.

Thanks for reading my organizational post! I’ll be back tomorrow with WHEN Thursday!

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