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Teacher Week: WHEN Thursday! {FREEBIE Links!}

Here I am today with Blog Hoppin’ and WHEN Thursday!

Scheduling everything is a HUGE task! Making sure you are going in depth for each lesson, calculating the correct amount of time, and structuring your lessons is a fine art!

At the school I taught at, we had PE twice a week, music once a week, library twice a week, and computer lab once a week. These extra activities for students are very important; however, it made scheduling the core subjects even that much harder!

I always scheduled Language Arts and Math in the morning. I also scheduled our Science and Social Studies for right after lunch where students’ brains are proven to be ready for learning. I saved the AR and silent time for the last twenty minutes of the day. We would pack up and read silently. Then we would do our end of the day routine: Student of the Day, Student of the Week, and Top of the Chart.

You can find my Student of the Day and Student of the Week items for FREE at my TpT store or on my FREEBIES link.

I also used these super cute Top of the Chart notes I found on Pinterest. I would hand out these cards to students who made it to the top of our behavior chart.

I used Cara Carroll’s super cute, awesome, and FREE schedule cards. It’s so important to display your schedule for your students. My students thrived on routine and knew what to expect each day. These schedule cards were a super cute addition to my classroom.

Here are my schedules from two years of teaching. One is from my second grade classroom (safari theme) and the other is from my third grade classroom (owl theme).

How do you schedule your day? Link on up by clicking the button below!

Have a wonderful Thurdsay!

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