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The Polar Express

"All Aboard!"

I just created a Language Arts unit based on the award winning book, The Polar Express. I built this entire unit around a special visitor that will be coming to our classroom this week! :) Each week, I have a volunteer surprise my students as a "Mystery Reader" (an idea I got from awesome Beth Newingham of Scholastic). 

This week, we have a special "Mystery Reader." This Mystery Reader is a big lover of Christmas, especially The Polar Express. Our "Mystery Reader" has prepared an awesome visit centered around this awesome book! 

Obviously, building my language arts lessons and reading groups around this idea would be so much fun for my students! I'm so excited to see their faces when our "Mystery Reader" walks in...especially after learning some much needed skills based on this story. What better way to engage students than to incorporate a popular, much loved book with some popular, much love academics! :)

This unit (located here) includes a pacing guide and ideas for a fun filled week of holiday festivities and Language Arts.

There are printables and lesson ideas for the following topics:*Key Vocabulary*Adverbs*Contractions*Guiding Questions*Making Inferences

Also included is a selection quiz on the book The Polar Express, as well as a template for Polar Express tickets.

For some extra practice on adverbs, you can download my FREE adverb sort located on my TpT store. You can also find a FREE PowerPoint Presentation on The Polar Express here! This presentation is in a PDF format (with much cuter fonts :D) within the unit download.

I hope you'll be able to use this fun-filled download!

Happy Holidays and Happy Teaching!

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