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Liebster Award

Jayme at Trendy in Third nominated my blog for the Liebster Award! Thanks Jayme! You’re so sweet, and I’m so happy to have a few more followers because of your nomination. I’m very flattered! This award is given to up and coming bloggers with 200 or less followers. I fit right into that category!! Be sure to check out Jayme’s blog here! Thanks Jayme!

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award…
1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers to nominate and link them in your post.
5. You cannot “tag back” the other blog, but leave a comment on this post with the URL of your Liebster post so I can learn more about you & see whom you nominate.

11 random things about me:
1.     I started dancing (tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop) when I was 3 years old. Haven’t stopped yet!
2.     My family is Cuban and I love living my family traditions and culture.
3.     Even though I speak Spanish and I am Cuban, I’m a true country girl! I love county music and line dancing!
4.     I spend hours on Pinterest…looking for classroom ideas!
5.     My classroom is extremely organized but my closet at home is NOT! J
6.     I would love to travel to Europe.
7.     I was a huge N*Sync fan and even got to touch J.C. Chasez hand at a concert when I was 16!
8.     I love author Emily Giffin. Reading her new book now…or trying to in my not-so spare time.
9.     I hope to earn my doctorate one day.
10.  I have been married for a year and 1 month.
11.  I laugh at everything!

1) What grade do you currently teach? Have you taught any other grades?
I currently teach 3rd grade. I have taught 2nd, 6th, and 8th grade.

2) What is your favorite thing about teaching? Least favorite?
My favorite thing about teaching is the creativity and helping students learn. I love seeing the light bulb click! My least favorite thing about teaching…not having enough time in the day to get all the things done that I want to get done!

3) If your school was donated $25,000, what would you want your principal to purchase?
iPads for the classroom for AR tests and different centers for the classroom. I would also like to see more resources (aides, supplements, materials, etc.) for our special education population. Teacher training on curriculum and instruction and staff motivation would also be really awesome!

4) What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV show is … well, I don’t watch too much TV, but when I can…666 Park Avenue! Although, I heard it just got canceled! L

5) If you could go back in time, what era would you choose to visit?
1950s! I love the simplicity of the time!

6) What is your school mascot?
OLPH Indians!

7) How many kids are in your class?
34 wonderful third graders!

8) What is your current obsession? 

9) What is your idea of relaxing after a crazy day of teaching?
Sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching a movie!

10) Do you have a favorite holiday treat or drink?
I love the fall and Halloween. I also really enjoy Christmas time…eating all of the desserts!

11) Heels or flats?
AHH! So tough! I love BOTH!

My nominated blogs:
4. Page ii

My questions for my nominated blogs:
1.     What is your favorite thing to teach?
2.     Do you have any pets? If so, describe them!
3.     How long have you been teaching?
4.     Coke or Pepsi?
5.     What was the last vacation you were able to enjoy?
6.     What changes would you like to see in education?
7.     If you had an endless amount of time and money, what would you do in your classroom?
8.     What other grades/subjects would you like to teach in your career?
9.     What is your favorite genre of reading?
10.  What kind of music do you like to listen to?
11. Biggest pet peeve:

Thank you so much for the nomination! :) Happy to have new followers! :)
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