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It's really important to keep track of students' memories, especially in the third grade! We decided to make a Third Grade Memory Book that students could treasure forever! It's something they can hold on to and revisit as they go through their lives.

Download this Memory Book here!

Use these printables to have your students create a memory book. Students can finish the sentence starter by writing on the lines provided. Once they’re done writing, they can draw a picture that represents their writing. If more lines are needed, students can use the page with extra lines. If you’d like, you can copy the picture/lines page and the extra line page back to front to create a double sided memory book page.
Included in this download are cover pages for grades first through sixth, along with pages for students’ “Five Favorite Memories” for grades first through sixth.
If you’d like a cover for another grade, just message me and I’ll email you a PDF file with your preferred grade.
For durability, you can have students glue the cover page to a piece of construction paper. You can then laminate the page for your students, along with a matching piece of construction paper for the back cover.
Once all of the pages are completed, gather all of the pages together and tie together with a cute ribbon or raffia to make a book.

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