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Thank you to Teaching with Blonde Ambition for honoring me with the "One Lovely Blog" award! Her blog is super awesome and is definitely worth checking out!

There are a few simple rules to receiving this award:  
1) Follow the person that gave you the award.  
2) Link back to the person that gave you the award.  
3) Pass the award to on to 15 new bloggers. 

Here are the 15 new blogs that I am passing it to:  

1. Third Grade Teacher Files
2. Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans
3. Stellar Students
4. O'Fish"ally Learning with Mrs.May
5. Ms. Rachel's Room
6. Lessons with Laughter
7. Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher
8. Doodle Teacher
9. 3rd Grade Shenanigans
10. Lauren and Jeanine's Creative Corner
11. Classroom Creations
12. Mrs. McDonald's 4th Grade
13. Three is a Magic Number
14. Reading Confetti
15. One Happy Teacher

I really enjoyed checking all of these blogs out! They're super awesome!


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